Photo by Lena Svanold
Photo by Lena Svanold
The work “Chateau I & II” are Young Art’s latest addition on ARRIVALS. The photographer, Linnéa Pettersson (b. 1986) grew up on the countryside near the lake Mälaren but has lived on both Gotland and in Stockholm during her studies and work as a photographer assistant. Today she shares a studio with other creatives in Västerås and works as a freelance photographer. Beside the photography, Linnéa also has her own jewelry brand ANNA LINNÈA, were she inter-grades photography with jewelry craftsmanship.

We wanted to learn a bit more about Linnea so we asked her a couple of questions and welcome her onboard on Arrivals!

Why photography?
Photography for me is a great way to communicate my thoughts and ideas. I am fascinated by photography as an art form and how differently we perceive photography individually. I started exploring photography when I was a kid. We had a darkroom at home and I started early with small projects, like when I was 9 years old and started photographing all the bridges we passed on sailing holidays with my family. I like that photography is so big, you can do what you like with it.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I am fascinated by the human being in relation to our environment. The human footprint on the environment is evident almost everywhere and when I place a person in a big environment, it becomes so obvious who really stands above who. Old photographs is another thing that inspire me a lot and it´s interesting to see how, for example my grandmother used the camera in the 50´s and for what purpose she took pictures back then. Why do we take photographs today? Is it for the historical footprint? Storytelling? I´m also inspired by films, books, paintings and other photographers.

Tell us a bit about your photographs on Arrivals. Why/when did you start working with the Dreamstills project?
I started working with the dreamstills 2010. I collect material for the project by writing down my dreams and memories in a special “dream book”. Dreamstills is about the border between truth and fiction, storytelling. Dreams confused with memories and emotions. In the end it´s hard to know what is reality or not. What happens when a big emotion takes the upper hand? And what if you could stop time right there and then and freeze the dream or the memory, making a “dreamstill”. I made Chateau I & II when I was in the south of France last year. I was looking for old french environments that could recreate the feeling of a dream I had, and finally I found my castle for the picture in my head.

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